Is the Home Swim Kickstart Guide and Master Swim Skill System right for me?

Do you have children ages 6 months to 17 years?
Do all of your children know how to swim with strength, safety & proper swim skills?
Do you have a backyard pool?
Do you swim in backyard pools, lakes, rivers, or the ocean with your family?
Do you go boating?
Do you visit or live near the ocean, lakes, ponds, or rivers?
Do you entertain guests of all ages at your home pool?
Do you hire a caregiver to watch your children?

If you answered YES to ONE or MORE of the above questions, the answer is YES, you need The Home Swim Kickstart Guide & The Master Swim Skill System.

Who is this overall Swim System designed for?

The Home Swim Kickstart Guide and The Master Swim Skill System is designed for Parents, Grandparents, & Caregivers of new swimmers.  The methodologies and knowledge in the course applies to people of all ages, therefore, if you have a wide range of ages between your children, most especially up to age 17, it is highly recommended to embrace the entire program, which is geared toward protecting the lives of all family members.

This entire system is also appropriate for young teens and adults who aspire to teach swimming, become a lifeguard, or are already certified through The American Red Cross and want to expand their knowledge of how to teach swimming skills and be able to better share water safety knowledge.

What are the enrollment option and fees?

When you enroll in The Home Swim Kickstart Guide Introduction Course, you may choose to select only the Kickstart Guide option, or you may purchase the entire sequential program that includes The Kickstart Guide and The Master Swim Skill System.

When you purchase the entire program, you will save: $197

The Kickstart Guide by itself is: $197

The Master Home Swim Skill System by itself is: $597

The entire program when purchased in combination upfront is: $597

The overall savings passed onto you is: $197

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the The Home Swim Kickstart Guide and The Master Swim Skill System?

No.  There are no prerequisites for enrolling in part one, part two, or both portions of this online water safety and swim skill system.  

However, if you do not know how to swim, and do not feel confident being in waste deep water, I highly encourage you to use the “Finding a Swim Program Checklist” located in The Master Swim Skill System bonus area.  Proceed with hiring a qualified swim instructor or join a quality swim instruction program near your home for yourself and your children.  An initial swim instruction foundation will support you on your Master Swim Skill System journey.

If I have to hire an outside swim instructor, do I still need this overall Master Swim Skill System?

YES, you absolutely need this self-paced system.

Outside swim instruction by itself will provide swim instruction for you and your children.  It will NOT provide the remaining 80% of what this online course has to offer you.  Drowning prevention and water safety is a process that must be learned in a sequential and self-paced manner to ensure results.  This is the number one Life Skill that must be embraced by the entire family.  In addition,Water Safety is a lifelong journey.

What’s included in The Home Swim Kickstart Guide?

This Kickstart Guide includes 3 introduction videos and a Printable Guide on how to use the Home Swim Kickstart Guide.  

You will receive 5 Kickstart Lessons packed with Audio, Downloadable Transcripts, and Homework PDF’s.  

There are 1 ½ hours of video that offers support on how to facilitate practice time in the water for water appreciation, water adjustment, and realistic expectations.

Bonus Goodies include 2 videos and 9 Downloadable & Printable Activities

There is also a surprise Confidence Booster Printable for Grownups & Audio Jingle on the Home Page for the kids to sing along with!

What’s included in The Master Swim Skill System?

The Master Swim Skill System includes an introduction video and a Printable Guide on how to use The Master Swim Skill System.

You will receive 7 Master Lessons packed with audio, Downloadable Transcripts, and Homework PDFs.

There are 2 ½ hours of video that offers Swim Skills Review for varying ages and phases of swim skill development.

Bonus Goodies include TWO INCREDIBLE BONUS SYSTEMS.  The Swim Fun System and The Drowning Prevention System are filled to the brim with 43 downloadable & printable gems. Each system has a WORKSHEET to keep you organized.  

How Will I Receive My Learning Materials?

Recordings and all other program materials will be delivered digitally through a password protected members – only site.  You can access the course via computer, tablet, or phone.  As soon as you enroll, you will be emailed your login information with a username & password.

You will have access to all of the materials all at once, and you will be able to embrace each lesson at your own pace with your family members.  Goal Setting Guides and Homework Worksheets will make the process easy and enjoyable.

Is there a Penalty for Cancelling the Membership?

Once you have access to the full program, you will not be able to receive a refund.  We are very confident that you will be fully satisfied with what this system has to offer.  The information provides proven methods and knowledge that will support you and your family on your water safety and swim skills journey when you take one lesson at a time and take action with the steps & checklists provided.

How Can I Be Most Successful In Using This Program?

Success in this program requires you to take consistent and focused action.  It also requires you to actively engage all of your family members in learning about water safety and improving upon their swimming skills and strength.

Learning about Water Safety, Drowning Prevention, and maintaining Swimming Skills is an ongoing process that is primarily rooted in early childhood, but it is never too late to learn about water safety and swimming skills.  It is always the right time to maintain education and best practices related to water safety & swimming skills.

Can I succeed as a Home Swim & Safety Facilitator for my family without being a Certified Lifeguard or Swimming Instructor?

Yes.  Finally Swim’s Kickstart Guide and Master Swim Skill System is an all-in-one coaching program that provides a proven path for developing confidence in your ability to provide your family with essential water safety knowledge to safeguard your family for lifelong enjoyment in and around the water.

This training system and easy to understand tools for setting & achieving weekly goals, will lead you down a positive path of drowning prevention, water safety, and swim skills knowledge. Essentially, The Master Swim Skill System is a one-stop shop for engaging your entire family to respect, appreciate, and enjoy the water in a safe manner.  

Regardless of where you are starting, and regardless of your children’s ages, all families are in need of this information.  It is never too late to learn and refine your water safety and swim skills knowledge.  It is always the right time to put into practice all of the information presented in this system.

The doors for The Master Swim Skill system are always open.