Master Swim Skill System


Diving into the world of swimming can be an exciting adventure for your child, and we’re here to make that journey as joyful and rewarding as possible! Introducing The Master Swim Skill System, a comprehensive and fun-filled program designed specifically for new swimmers and their supportive parents. Imagine the peace of mind knowing your child is gaining confidence in the water, mastering skills that will last a lifetime. That’s what we offer – and so much more!

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From the moment you and your little swimmer start, you’ll feel welcomed and guided. Our introduction video is just the beginning, setting the stage for what’s to come and showing you exactly how to make the most of our home master swim skill system. Each of our 7 master lessons is brimming with enthusiasm and expertise, complete with audio guidance, downloadable transcripts, and engaging homework pdf’s to reinforce learning outside of the water. And with over 2 hours of video content tailored to various ages and phases of swim skill development, your child will always find something new to learn and love.

But wait, there’s even more to make a splash about!

Alongside our main program, we’re thrilled to offer two bonus systems, unlocking an additional 43 downloadable & printable gems. These resources are designed to enrich the learning experience, making practice times both effective and incredibly fun. Whether your child is just starting to dip their toes in or is ready to dive deeper into their swim skills, The Master Swim Skill System is here to support, encourage, and celebrate every stroke of the way. Let’s embark on this swimming journey together, nurturing your child’s potential and sharing in the joy of their achievements.

BONUS #1: Swim Fun System

The Swim Fun System includes 20 downloadable worksheets, checklists, charts, & guides, a Swim Fun System Outline & Worksheet to keep you Organized. There are Five Expert Bundles that includes:  Progress Chart Bundle that contains progress charts for ages infant to age 5 and up,, Learn, Practice, Party Bundle that contains glossary & tips, Model a Lifeguard Bundle that contains pool safety & prevention guides, and Finding a Swim Program Bundle that contains important checklists.  The Ultimate Swim Skills Checklist and a Certificate of Completion comes included with the Swim Fun System.

BONUS #2: Drowning Prevention System

The Drowning Prevention System includes 23 downloadable worksheets, checklists, signs, and guides.  You will also receive a Drowning Prevention Worksheet to keep you organized, an NDPA Checklist Bundle for pool safety, infant water safety, caregiver safety, vacation safety, open water safety, and a Knowledge is Power Bundle that teaches how to educate your children,, recognize hidden hazards, and embracing pool safety & water rescue.    You will also have access to Pool Rules signs, Water Safety Activity Pack, the American Red Cross Safety Bundle, and The Ultimate Water Safety Checklist

“Margarete is an extremely knowledgeable and talented swim instructor. She taught my daughter to swim in a way that was gentle and fun, yet she challenged her so she was able to pick up skills quickly. This course is for any parent who will be around a pool this summer with their kids. It’s a wonderful resource so parents can truly help their children each time they’re in the pool without an instructor present. Every child deserves to have a parent that is well educated in swim safety.”

– Claire C.

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Get the Master Swim Skills Course + The Kickstart Guide for just the cost of the course.

Master Swim Skill System + Kickstart Guide


“As someone who has known Margarete for over 20 years and benefited from her expert swim instruction as a child, I couldn’t be more thrilled to share her wisdom and passion for swimming with my family.  With summer fast approaching here in New Jersey and my sister-in-law eager to introduce her 10 month old to the water, I was excited to learn about her latest online at home swim instruction solution.  As I reviewed The Master Swim Skill System, I relived the memories I shared with Margarete as my teacher.  Margarete’s charismatic and personable teaching style shined through.  The intro video set a kind tone welcoming me with enthusiasm.  The entire swim system is a treasure trove of valuable information.  What makes this course special is the videos, printable guides, & checklists.  This is a fun way to introduce your children to swimming & safety, and it is the one and only comprehensive online swim instruction & safety course available to parents & grandparents.”

– Madison H.

About The Creator

I am the Founder of Finally Swim and the CEO of Life Arts Education.  My 4 decades of hands on experience teaching children a complete range of swimming skills and water safety knowledge, is the inspiration that supports me in educating parents of new swimmers.

My Masters degree in education afforded me the opportunity to create original curriculum for my students.  My success in the classroom as a 4.0 highly effective teacher has fueled my desire to share essential water safety and swim skill knowledge with parents across the globe.

The Proven Path to Water Safety and Drowning Prevention is for parents to actively take part in their children’s swimming development.  Family’s that learn together will evolve in their swim skill abilities, grow in enthusiasm for enjoyment of the water, and cultivate a lifelong love of all things water.